Why “Salamander”?

How did our committee decide to name this event after a little amphibian?

We wanted to name our festival something fun, unique and memorable, with a connection to Brandon (that wasn’t necessarily wheat, even though we love our Wheat City!). Our naming subcommittee started researching all things symbolic of Brandon. In examining the city crest, they discovered a flaming salamander at the top. Salamanders are often pictured in flames in heraldry as they were believed to be impervious to fire. With some species indigenous to western Manitoba, salamanders symbolize rebirth and immortality.

Building a new festival out of the ashes of the pandemic, with the hope of bringing people together in community and appreciation of the arts, our committee thought the immortal salamander was an excellent representation of our idea.

Festival Color

Vibrant Teal – symbolizing revitalization, rejuvenation, open communication and clarity
of thought, we chose to represent the tone and atmosphere of the event with a calming color associated with nature and serenity.